• Metal Black Static Dye and Copper color is available.
• 2 mm Stainless Steel
• FREE Worldwide Shipping
• Packing: Sturdy Carton box, Includes matel design, fixed balance hangers
• Size: 50cm X 47.5cm - 19.6" X 18.7" inches
• Weight: 1.92lbs - 0.87kg
• 100% Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee
 Easy to install

The symbolic American eagle is looking out for you! Bald eagle owned its fame with the American national emblem and it had every right for it. Symbolising strength, courage and freedom for generations, it is also a charismatic member of the nature. ...As Fe&BROS creative team, we wanted to immortalise this sharp looking, powerful beauty of animal world by designing Beholder Bird Metal Wall Art. Not only this work of art will create a powerful atmosphere in your home or office but also reflect your strong, courageous and free-spirited personality. As a home decoration, it will give the idea to your visitors that they are in your nest which is privileged. As an office decoration, your clients and visitors will accept and respect your authority in the place. You’re welcome! "  Read more


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