• Metal Black Static Dye
• 2 mm Stainless Steel
• FREE Worldwide Shipping
• Packing: Sturdy Carton box, Includes matel design, fixed balance hangers
• Sizes: 2 Pieces Each of them 33 cm X 33 cm ( 13" X 13") inches
 Weight: 1.99lbs - 0.90kg
• 100% Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee
Easy to install

"Who would have guessed that Warhol’s words from 60’s will foresee the exact reality of today. Well, he proved how beyond he was from his time once again....This also gives us an idea about how we should choose our style in terms of decoration. The artist, in the end, is as important as the art. Warhol, for example, will gives us the vibe to be open to differences or to feel comfortable about trying the new, being bold and being experimental. If you are such a person, then we did a good job by designing this Art of Warhol Metal Wall decoration." "  Read more

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