• Metal Black Static Black Dye
• 2 mm Stainless Steel
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• Packing: Sturdy Carton box, Includes matel design, fixed balance hangers
• 2 Pieces Size: 75 cm X 58 cm (29.5" X 13"inches), 29 cm X 25 cm (11.4"X 9.8"inches)
• Weight: 1,53lbs - 0,69kg
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All animals are innocent but these ones have a special place in our hearts. Polar bears have literally nothing to do with us, humans....They are living in the wildest, most isolated area of the world and minding their own business which only living as they are. Maybe this is the reason why polar bears symbolise protection, peace and purity on contrast to their strength and wildness. Unfortunately, they can not escape from the brutality of us; they are captivated, tortured, displayed in zoos far from their homeland and in great danger as a result of global warming. If you want to show which side you are in and reaction to this situation, getting Polar Bears Metal Wall Art is a smart way. Simply hang it on your living room, office or another indoor and outdoor space to attract people and share the situation about polar bears while reflecting your warm-hearted, caring and peaceful personality. "  Read more


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