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Rising Star of Modern Art: Handsaw Metal Decorations

Used for centuries for multiple purposes, hand saws were one of history’s most important inventions for sure. Unfortunately, their sun has set after global mechanisation and mass production and they faded away, until now! We bet you couldn’t imagine a handsaw as an artistic decoration object but here we are. Handsaws are usually seen as masculine, destructive and wild objects. The general thought is “if saw will be used as a decoration object, it must be either in a farm, barn or grunge style”. However, the futuristic and abstract thinking of the century saved the reputation of handsaws and gave them a bright new look to come back home. So here are some inspirational looks and ideas.

The Irony of Modern Art

Perhaps, the biggest gift of modern art is to be open to any ideas. You can simply bend any concept, mix any material and mock any perspective. When you combine these freedoms with the functionality of natural materials, you get yourself a unique art piece with a dark sense of humour and deeper meaning. That is the main case in handsaw decorations. Turning a masculine, cold and destructive tool into a creative piece of art by a design of your choice. Cool, right?


We are glad to finally have come to a point where recycling is important and preferred. In the end, who would want to throw a beautiful metal handsaw just because it is not needed anymore? We don’t know if you believe it or not, but to us, the objects we use or once used deserve respect too. The loyal friend of humans in their time, handsaws may not be preferred in the modern-day, but hey! That doesn’t mean you have to throw it away! Metal is always appreciated and used so let it be art. 

Breaking Boundaries

A form of art, combining the contrasts can give a lot of ideas about your perception in life. First things first, it reflects your unorthodox personality that stays out of the safe zone defined by society, which is the thing in the 21st century. Plus, it gives a clue about your modern intellectuality as you choose to decorate your space with an ironic decoration. Also, you can interpret handsaw decorations as breaking the boundaries of how art should be, how handsaws should be used or what they represent as an idea. 

We guess you now have a little spark in your mind about how cool it would be to have a handsaw on your wall. Remember, you can always give it a thought and improve what handsaws should mean or look like.  

By Ali Beydili


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